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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boca Beth - Part 2

While I'm not a huge fan of letting children have too much boob tube time, I totally LOVE Boca Beth products. Seriously! "L" loves her stuff! We have several of their products and have been satisfied with all of them! The music video (one of which is pictured above) is GREAT! I think it would be even better for slightly older kids (any kid that can walk). - ALTHOUGH "L" does like to bounce to the music and stares in awe of the other dancers on screen.

And, as for her Boca Beth puppet? He gets lots of hugs and open mouthed slobbery baby kisses that only a mother (and perhaps a Boca Beth puppet) could love.

But, we should be very clear about one thing. Boca Beth is not just for kids. It's for all ages. Grandpa just borrowed L's CD so he could brush up on Spanish too!

In my book...Boca Beth and her wonderful products ROCK my socks off!


Boca Beth said...

Hi and Hola All ...

Beth Butler here, founder of The Boca Beth Program.

It thrills me to no end to read Ashley's response and sincere reaction to our bilingual fun DVDs and CDs and puppet BOCA. I remember when I was in the classroom Monday-Friday with my students thinking to myself, "This has got to be shared with more children. They are really learning this Spanish faster than I can make the darn cassette tapes!"

That was back in the early 80s when it wasn't so cool to introduce a second language to children. And now, I am so fortunate to have the chance to make quality products that make it easy for moms like you all to bring Spanish and English songs and movies into your daily routine with smiles!

Thanks to all of you / Gracias a todas las mamás for allowing me to share this special space and time with you.

Happy Educating!
¡Sea feliz educando!

Beth Butler
Founder of The Boca Beth Program

ernst said...

I´m sure children will love it. Usually they have greater capabilities of understanding so it´s a great idea.