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Friday, January 11, 2008

Pros And Cons Of The Different Type Of Cloth Diapers

All In Ones (AIO)

Easy to use
Function similar to that of a disposable
Daycares prefer them

Long drying times
Some wear out faster (especially ones with PUL outers), since they spend more time in the dryer

All In Twos (AI2, a type of All In Ones that comes apart into 2 pieces, the liner snaps out)

When cared for properly, do not wear out any faster than covers/prefolds
Easy to use
High resale diaper
Somewhat daycare - friendly
Much like a disposable

Must keep matching doublers with their coordinating diapers
Need alot

Fitted Diapers

Similar shape as disposables
Don’t need to be pinned or folded
Can be washed at a high temp (separately from covers)
Elastic around legs and waist hold in (hopefully) all messes even before you use the cover (which should provide even more protection)
Depending on style, can wash and dry quickly
Doesn’t take up a lot of space
Many choices

More steps (diaper plus cover)
Some covers won’t fit well with the fitteds, so be sure to check before you buy
sometimes made with so many layers they are hard to clean and slow to dry
Have to struggle with getting two layers off squirmy, dirty baby
Every brand does not fit every baby
More expensive

Flats and Prefolds:

Easy to customize the fit to your baby
Fits all babies
Easy to wash, fast to dry

Takes more time to fold
Must use a pin or other fastener
Must use a cover
Takes longer to change the diaper (more steps)

Pocket Diapers:

You control the absorbency by how much you stuff
No wet bottom ( synthetic liner wicks moisture away from baby’s skin)
Not too bulky

Have to stuff them once they are done washing and drying
No wet tush (may be harder if you are pottytraining)

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