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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen No. 2

This week's list: Our list of our favorite 13 things that people say to us (regarding parenting):

1. Are you really going to let her wear that?
2. (while grabbing something away from you)...NO...this is how you do it... (as they takeover YOUR child)
3. Is she (or he) hungry? -- (Hold on let me check..."Sweetie, are you hungry?" --no response...hmm...I can't be sure)
4. Oh! What a cute little boy!!! (She's got a HUGE pink bow on her head and a pink, frilly dress...)
5. You aren't doing it right... (said as the STRANGER came up behind my husband in a restaurant and proceeded to take the bottle and feed my newborn)
6. Oh! she looks just like me!!! She has my...(said by everyone...even those not related to us)
7. This kid needs some whisky! (Thanks, Uncle Wally...but she'll pass...you can pass it over here though...)
8. She's crying at me! Why is she crying at me? You must not socialize her enough! You need to take her out more! (said by Nana while playing with our then 3 month old)
9. I think she's pooping. (Thanks for that update...I hear it happens)
10. Okay, you take her! (She either pooped or started crying)
11. Look at that little shit! Oh...oops! (Grams, if "shit" is her first word, we blame you)
12. Why is she crying? (My guess is only as good as yours...but you can ask her if you want)
13. Why don't you just stick her butt in the toilet and flush? (advice for changing diapers)

Now, I wanna know what your favorite comments about regarding children and babies are your favorite (or, well...least favorite)! (Leave a comment!)


pussreboots said...

I really hate the "I think s/he's pooping" observations from folks. Ugh. Happy TT.

Kim said...

I always get YOUR SPOILING HIM by picking him up. I am sorry, last I checked my baby is only this little once. Let me enjoy it.

Papa Jim said...

"Does the baby need a high chair?" Oh, you just lost your tip, lady. The boy does NOT like to be called a baby.
--- Cheers! BuzzeeDad

suchsimplepleasures said...

my daughter and son...when they were little...my daughter a newborn, my son...2...they were both in tommy hilfiger...she, in a red dress, he in red shirt and jeans...they had gotten some pictures done...well, someone looked in the stroller, told me my son was a beautiful girl and my daughter...a beautiful boy!!! how brilliant!!
anyway...i can't believe i missed your thurs thirteen!! where the heck have i been, the last couple of days?

hope you're having a great weekend!