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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Organizing 2008.

It's time. It's been 2.5 years, and I think we still have unpacked boxes in the attic. Granted, there are only a few, but STILL! And, even worse are the disappearing acts our possessions seem to take - and, while I could blame elves or ghosts forever, we would keep on misplacing things. We have this vicious cycle of cleaning, then living until we can't stand the mess, then cleaning again. And, when we clean - instead of MAKING a spot for new things, we just stash it...then forget where it went. But, this year? - You can bet it is going to be different! I want change! So, room to room, I will figure out new solutions for everyday organization problems and then share them with you!

I'm starting in the Living Room. Little Lorelei spends most of her time here, and since she will soon be walking, I think it's time. And, I better be quick. First, I'm starting with the DVDs, since they are the first things she tends to go for. She likes to pull each and every one of them out and toss them to the side.

My solution?
I plan to take EVERY DVD out of the box and put them all in a binder. Then, I'm going to throw out the DVD boxes. The hoarder in me wants to keep them...but what will I ever need them for? NOTHING. So, I'm going to put all of them in a binder and then if we ever need them for a trip...they'll be very portable...all at once!

Next, I've GOT to get a better TV stand. As of right now, the TV is barricaded off. We've been making use of a piece of furniture (read: cheap, small bookcase) as a tv stand for a tv that is in all probability too big for it. So, before Lorelei gets any more mobile, we need a new TV stand (so she can't pull it on top of herself).

Once the DVDs are no longer arranged on the lower level of our "TV stand," we will have TONS of cords exposed. So, my next organization strategy will be to untangle a mess of chords and try to get them as much out of the way as possible to keep little hands from finding them.

I think I want to try a product called WireMate. I'm not sure though...so if you have any suggestions of things you've used, please do let me know!

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Steven Sanders said...

Dustin has the WireMate under his desk here at work. He likes it alot.