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Friday, January 25, 2008

One sock. Two socks.

L loses her socks. Frequently. Either she's crawling around and they come off, or she just decides she'd rather take them off and crawl around with them in her hand until she finds an appropriate hiding place.

And while I know I'm lucky that she hasn't quite figured out how to "un-diaper" herself, it doesn't make keeping socks paired together any easier. Some people worry about socks losing their mates during the whole laundering process - and I have a hard time finding them both to even launder.

So, what's a mom to do? Buy Snapdragon Baby socks.

These adorable socks feature a patented loop that snaps into your baby's outfit. Your baby can wiggle, climb, crawl, kick, and pull as much as they want...but the socks? They are here to stay!

Snapdragon Baby Socks come in 3 color choices (white, pink, blue) and 2 styles (rib vs. cable-knit). And, oh wait! - There's more...you can choose from 5 different loop prints (ducks, tulips, ladybugs, sports, cars).

Check them out HERE.


suchsimplepleasures said...

now, why couldn't i have thought of that...or at least, why couldn't those have existed when my kids were little? maybe i wouldn't have needed to constantly buy new socks for them...or have them wear mismatched ones!!!
what an ingenious and obvious invention!!

Papa Jim said...

Do they make them for grownups? i need them for weekend bloghopping...