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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just breathe...

No matter who you are or where you are in life, you sometimes have to remind yourself to ...just breathe...

So, whether you find yourself in need of a "pick me up" or a bit of relaxation...here are a few tips:

- " We breathe primarily through one nostril for 90 minutes to two hours then shift to the other," says Kristin McGee, a yoga and pilates instructor at The Sports Club/LA in New York City. "Breathing through the right side makes us alert, while the left side relaxes us."

So, try this: If you need to relax, use your finger to close your right nostril. (Personally, we recommend that you do this by pushing your nostril shut, but hey, if you want to look like you are picking your nose, that's up to you!) Breathe in through the left side for one full breath (slowly). Pause. Then push that nostril closed and breathe out your other (right nostril).

So, got that? To relax, breathe in through the left and out the right. You need to repeat 8 times.

Need a little more energy? Try breathing in through the right and out the left. Repeat 8 times.

And, who makes me the expert? I'm just naturally smart. Okay...that and Kristin McGee...and Self Magazine. There...happy?

- The next trick is essential oils. Use peppermint to shake things up and lavender to get nice and calm...or asleep.

- Try exercising! It can make you sleep better AND give you more energy (Go figure.)

I have a few more tips for falling asleep, but I don't know that they can be backed up by much science. My mom swears by watching movies. She's out before you can even say "Hey mom, wanna watch..." And, my husband personally believes that just listening to me talk can put him to sleep. I think he's just faking to get out of doing things. Jury is still out on that one.

I'll be sure and let you know if I make any scientific discoveries, though ;)


GuardWife said...

I don't know about scientific discoveries but I do know that I am here at almost (gasp)11pm reading your blogs because I can't help myself. So if talking is putting your husband to sleep, writing is definitely keeping me up. :-) I have been reading aloud to my husband, and he is definitely awake (and shaking his head). Keep up the good work and keep us informed if you make any break thrus in research. love ya

suchsimplepleasures said...

what if your nose is stuffed? then it's impossible...you might pass out or something!! so, let me know what you find out about that, ok?!
you post a lot...hard to keep up with you!!

Ashley said...

LOL! I have been posting more lately...but I skipped a day (so I had to make it up lol)...I just get so much in my head and want to get it out :)

For the stuffy nose, it might actually help. But, if you get lightheaded you should definitely stop...and um...consult your doctor. :) (that's my disclaimer)