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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen things to let you better get to know me!:

1. My name is Ashley

2. This is what I look like:

3. My daughter (also pictured) Lorelei is 9 months old.

4. I'm learning more and more about "going green"
5. I would love to know what YOU THINK about my site...and what YOU would like to see
6. I love crafts...pretty much all of them.
7. I love reading
8. I'm an award winning poet...okay, so it was only one award
9. I love learning new things
10. I love meeting new people (just like you)
11. This is feeling a bit cheesy to me
12. I like cheese...
13. I'm kind of goofy :)


Tasina said...

Nice. I LOVE cheese....it's almost a sickness. ;)

AJ Chase said...

That's one cute baby you've got there and I really like the name Loralei.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i didn't even realize that you did this!!! see how observant i am!!! what a wonderful new bloggy friend, i've turned out to be!!
anyway...i love your daughters name...it is, perhaps, the prettiest name i've heard in a long time!!
you're adorable!! and...i'm glad that we've started becoming buddies!!!!

#1 Dad said...

I think your site looks great!

Bloggers said...

great list and glad to know you.

geek-betty said...

nice to meet you! your daughter is adorable!

Kim said...

Cheese is awesome.. and being cheesey is even better!!

Childlife said...

Great list, and I love the photo!

Sorry it took me so long to come visit - and thanks for stopping by my place for WW!