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Friday, January 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...A day late

As it is...my luck isn't always something to brag about. It wasn't until FRIDAY that I found this meme for Thursday. Basically, you write 13 New Years Resolutions. I just met some great new bloggers who participated (which is how I found out), so I'm tagging myself for this one. And you guys are just going to have to get over the fact that it is now Friday and almost Saturday. lol

1. I want to catch up on my scrapbooking for Lorelei. In fact, I want to start attending Friday Night Crops on a regular basis.

2. I plan to write some great informative articles and have them published.

3. I want to open up an etsy shop

4. I want to spend some time crafting items for said etsy shop!

5. I want to learn how to make pretty baked (and decorated) cakes. The buy-worthy kind. The $50 cake kind!

6. I want to learn to make some AWESOME HEALTHY meals...that taste great and even look great

7. I want to learn to ballroom dance.

8. I want to travel to another country (like Jamaica...teehee!)

9. I want to be stronger in my faith and lead others by example

10. I plan to become a Kindergarten Sunday School Teacher

11. I want to take more pictures, and learn more about my camera

12. I MUST have Adobe Photoshop for Macs. I HAVE to!

13. I WILL do everything on this list.

1 comment:

suchsimplepleasures said...

what in the HECK is photoshop? i'm seeing it everywhere around the blogs i read. so many people got it for christmas and chanukkah...i have to learn to use my camera before i can lust after photoshop!!!
google thursday 13...every week, you do it. you just make a random list...this past week happened to be resolutions for me and quite a few others. but, google it and go to the blog that hosts it...you'll find out much more info. you're going to love doing it. try the haiku friday, too...5-7-5 syllables. then, there is wordless wednesday. now...scrolling saturday!(but, you already know about that one ;) )
have a great night!