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Friday, January 11, 2008

Eat Your Peas - Giveaway!!

Gently Spoken has a line of great products for moms (and everyone else you know), making it easy to send a promise to be there (and your phone number), gentle affirmations, and a bit of advice lovingly mixed in.

These great products would be perfect for any new mother to remind her that she's not alone, and that she's wonderful. Because, no matter how much you tell her, she'll need a reminder here and there - and how great would it be to have these reminders within arms reach, at any time?

The Eat Your Peas books have over 20 titles to choose from, including those for new moms, moms, and everyone else you know (friends, teachers, sister in law, etc.).

Gently Spoken also has Sproutables, 12 cards with sayings handpicked from the Eat Your Peas books, to help brighten your day. You can leave a card somewhere to be found for someone that needs a little cheering, frame one, put them in a scrapbook, use it as a postcard, or anything else you can come up with!

Great for everyone you know and care about...

...and for yourself. In fact, Gently Spoken would like to give away an item or two to a couple of lucky First Impressions' readers!

To enter, please reply to this post with your:
1. Name
2. Email address
3. And why you'd love to win

We'll announce a winner next Monday (Jan 14)! Good luck!


suchsimplepleasures said...

i will, for sure, vote for you!!!

Lesha said...

LilacButterfly [at] earthlink.net
I'd love to win, because they have a lot of nice and inspirational items. :)

GuardWife said...

1. Michele
2. guardwife@gmail.com
3. I would love to win because I think the cards are a great idea. I would love to be able to leave those for some people I know.

Princess Di said...

1. Diana
2. happielife32@yahoo.com
3. I love giving cards to people to brighten their day. I have not bought any new ones recently and would love to win these so I can start encouraging. :)

Ribbon Rock Star said...


I would love to win because the "Eat Your Peas" books would make wonderful gifts for friends! They are adorable!


Goodies for Mom said...

I'd love to win because boy could I use the assirmations.


edubbs said...

elizabetth dubbs cnm
i would love to share with my new moms (clients) and me too!

Shandelle said...

1. Shandelle
2. todzwife @ gmail.com
3. Because the only thing I've ever one is a bucket of popcorn from the library when I was 8 for being the "fastest reader". How dorky is that?
And I love cards :D

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I would LOVE to win this...I think that giving cards is a lost art. In the day and age of emails, the written word has become too unfamiliar.

info @ penniesinmypocket . net

mkckec said...

Everyone loves inspirational stuff once in awhile, especially mommies!



Sandy said...

I would like to have these items at my fingertips to share with special people.

ernst said...

It would be a wonderful gift!