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Monday, February 25, 2008

Virtual Baby Shower #3

Congratulations Amanda on your baby girl!

Due: February 25, 2008
Location: Washington
Baby Name: Emma Beth

"We can’t wait for our baby Emma Beth to be born, John is going to make an amazing father and I can’t wait to be a family!!"

The idea board: May we suggest...

And, now...your gifts!...

From BocaBeth: Mi Casa/My House DVD and puppet

From Sugar Swag: A personalized cupcake onesie for baby Emma!

From Pretty Posh Princess: A pair of satin tiara baby booties

From Sweet Taia: A set of some of the sweetest hair clips (2)

From Happy Green Bee: Super soft organic Pumpkin and Radish striped Cardigan and leggings

From LTD Chix: Long-Sleeved Laundry Mom - Living the Dream Shirt (for Amanda)

From Susan Murphy, Inc.: 1 custom embroidered with custom accent tote and hat.

From 350 Cookie Lane: 5 cookies

Amanda, we wish you many smiles and happy moments
with your new arrival. Enjoy her.

Note: I invite all of our guests to please sign our "guest book" (comment) with any well wishes you'd like to extend...


Boca Beth said...

Hola/Hi Amanda - And congratulations on winning our Boca Beth DVD titled "Mi casa/My House" that will introduce more than 100 words and 15 phrases to little Emma Beth with the help of our puppet and language amigo BOCA. He is part of your prize also and is machine wash and dry with a Made in the USA pride!

Enjoy the bilingual fun we provide - and who knows! You might learn a few words along with Emma Beth too!

Happy Educating!

Boca Beth

suchsimplepleasures said...

congratulations on your baby!!!

well ashley...i hope you're ok!! if you EVER need to talk...you know i'm here, right?!

Jen said...

Congratulation Amanda! Enjoy every minute!


Sandy C. said...

Wow! Congratulations Amanda! What a sweet baby shower :) Those gifts look fabulous!

susan murphy inc. said...

So very happy for you and your new lil family! xx

Cheryl Anne said...

Congratulations! :) I'm due in May and can hardly wait already.

Kathryn said...

Congratulations Amanda!

Mrscody said...

Sorry it took me so long to thank you all I didnt see the link to :0) Im so excited to have won!!! Ill post Pics as soon as possible. Thanks so much for all the great stuff!!!

Guardwife said...


jane said...

Amanda you made a very beautiful pregnant woman (and I don't say that often)! I'm glad your excited, and I hope someone thought to send flowers to such a beautiful mother :)