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Friday, February 15, 2008

Gal Pal - My new best friend

For some odd reason, people have it in their heads that MOMMIES = FRUMPY. What gives you that idea? You think that just because we try to entertain crying children on essentially no sleep every day and have become their personal maids - that now we have to be FRUMPY, too? I'm not sure where this idea came from - but let me tell you: having children does NOT mean that we no longer want to be sexy. I mean, we don't actually enjoy being spit up on, peed on, and having peas and bananas thrown at us...

In fact, we look forward to evenings where we actually get to go somewhere nice...and adult. Without. The. Kids. Truly. It's even more fun when we get to dress up - That is, until we figure out that the baby has been in your closet....again....this time, with peas.

Your beloved little black dress? Now has a little dark green patch. Peas. And, now...the world is ending. You simply can't go out with the peas and no other dress will do.

So, the way I see it, is you have 3 options, really.

Option 1: Throw a fit and lock yourself in the bathroom and refuse to come out. Unfortunately this never plays out well...so, I'm going to suggest you move along to option 2 or 3.

Option 2: Smear peas on the rest of your dress and hope for dim lighting. Make up a fabulous designer name and swear that it's a new overlay on your dress...and hope nobody touches you...or smells the peas.

Option 3: Use your Gal Pal. It will rid your dress of small crusty food spots, as well as that hideous line of deodorant that you didn't notice - until you were almost at the restaurant. I'm also loving the Gal Pal travel kit. These mini- Gal Pals are 2 sided and can do everything the bigger Gal Pal can do. Food, lint, deodorant marks, and hair don't stand a chance any longer.

And, you? Well, you no longer have an excuse as to why you can't go out and have a little fun.


Kathryn said...

You are hilarious!
And those are genius! Wow!

Laura K said...

I'll bet these are made of the same foam stuff that is on some wire hangers to keep the clothes from slipping off...that's my in a pinch get rid of the white deodorant spot trick.


Kim said...

What a great idea!!