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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Emergency Room!

Last night, we took Baby L to the emergency room. Friday, I had contemplated taking her to the doctor - but then backed down after hearing my husband tell me "I'm sure it's nothing" for the forty-second time. And, I - the woman who hates more than anything to go to the doctor for "nothing" - chose to take his word for it. Why? I'm still not entirely sure. When it comes to intuition, I seem to always beat him (too bad I'm constantly second guessing myself when it comes down to it)...and afterall...it is ME who stays home with Baby L EVERY DAY and it is ME who knows when she eats (how much, and what), when she plays (and with what) and when she naps - as well as her general disposition. And yet...I took his word for it.

Friday night, Baby L had gotten worse. Her fever had spiked up to 100-dot-something and she had a horrible sounding cough which always was followed by a cry. She wanted to be held - yet, not touched. And, she definitely had NO interest in playtime...or sleep time - which left me a little confused as to what to do. And then chimes in my husband "You probably should have taken her to the doctor."

Saturday wasn't much better. Tylenol and baths weren't bringing the fever down and we were both miserable. I was tired and worn down from no sleep...and she was...well, not feeling good. So, when husband came home...we trekked to the ER. Her fever was 102.4, the cough had worsened and she was NOT happy.

But, then the funniest thing happened. You see, with me (and apparently mine)...the ER tends to magically heal us (until we leave). Upon entering the nurse's station to be examined (so we could be ranked in priority for the doctor - dying vs. not), Baby L was overcome with a giggly disposition. If it weren't for her 102.4 fever, I'd have looked like a total liar. The initial exam (stats) took about 10 minutes and then we were off to the waiting room. For. Five. Hours.

Those five hours were some of the most interesting five hours of my life. I must admit, I felt like my IQ plummeted a bit after conversing with a few, but it WAS interesting. First there was the friendly sitting in the seat next to mine, letting me "in" on some very simple truths. Things like:

"Your daughter is much like a dog, you see. You need to talk to her all the time. It doesn't matter what you say, just talk to them. It makes them feel better." and then he turns to my daughter and says, "It's okay sweetie! Momma's doing the best she can. She's doing the best she can. Oh, yes, the best she can." --Right, you get it. That went on for about 30 good minutes. I can copy and paste that phrase if you would rather the full effect.


(as we pull a bottle out for her because she's hungry) "Someday, you'll know by her cries what she wants. Like that cry...I know she is hungry" (Duh...the kid saw the bottle and started crying "bahbahbah")

Oh, sir...however did she survive this far. Please tell us more. Perhaps how to feed her? Diaper her?

Parenting Experts in the Emergency Room? Priceless.

Oh, but my FAVORITE of all the wisdom inflicted bestowed upon me, were the solutions offered by the crowd of older folks as alternatives to come to the Emergency Room. I've compiled a list...I thought you would enjoy them.

Whiskey. Great for teething babies. Great as a painkiller. Great for cleansing wounds. Great in general. What are we...in the Wild Wild West?

Canola Oil. Drink it. She didn't say for what or why. Just, drink it.

Turpentine and Sugar. Drink this little tonic to cure a cold.

Vick's Salve. Eat it. Now, I've heard of putting it on your feet...and the standard application for your chest. But one man swore by eating it. Whatever floats your boat.

Kerosene. Douse yourself. I have to admit this was my favorite. Use kerosene for gaping flesh wounds and even minor scrapes or burns. I'm going to take a stab at it and suggest you not do this around a camp fire. But, you make that judgement call.

**Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting you use these. In. No. Way. However, if you choose to please wait and do it once you are standing in front of the Emergency Room already.


Princess Di said...

So sorry to hear about "L". Gracie was running 104.2 last night. After the 2nd DR visit in 3 days, we now find out it's probably the flu. :( Hope she feels better! Hugs!

*Sandy* said...

Sorry ta hear bout lil' "L"s fever and all...
But, that has to be the funniest thing I've read lately! ~( :

Caffeine Court said...

That's some great advice there! Let's get the kid drunk and then poison her with turpentine. No wonder those people were at the emergency room!

Glad to hear things are better.

suchsimplepleasures said...

i hope she's doing better!! and...i know that there is nothing worse than being stuck in the emergency room with a bunch of ignorant...er...advice giving people!! i used to have to take ross to the emergency room, like every other day...can you say...neurotic mom!!
hope you are all doing well!!

Tara R. said...

Hope L is feeling better very soon. The home remedies... wow... that was very weird.

Mommy Bits said...

That stinks about having to go to the emergency room. Love advice... it never fails that "everyone" is an expert on parenting, even if they've never had a child.

Glad you were able to keep your sense of humor. 5 hours is a LONG time.

Jose said...

I always knew whiskey was good!

Seriously, thanks for sharing your experience. Be strong L !

Jared said...

Holy cow! There are some real winners in the ER aren't there? :D When we took Ace a few months ago a fight nearly broke out because they called for "Henry" to come on back. Just so happened there were two Henrys in the waiting room...and by God the parents were going to fist fight for their place in line. Luckily the nurse had a last name handy... :D

April said...

I have to confess, it's nice to read about this sort of thing happening to someone other than me!

In the meantime, what are you doing blogging when you should be talking to Baby L - are you really doing the best you can?

Hope the baby's better.

Balancing Hops - Blog Hoppin'

Posh Mama said...

I hope your little "L" is feeling better! Wow, that advice is...uh, well... special. LOL You have a lot of patience my friend. Take care and much love, xoxo-pm

Lisa Sharp said...

Wow I'm all for natural and even weird remedies but lots of those were deadly. I have done the vicks on the feet to lower fevers and it works, but again that can't hurt you!

So how was you daughter?? The flu and a bad cold are going round right now. My hubby just had the flu and I have the cold now haha.