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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen No. 6

13 things I've learned this week

1. Pampered Chef is having a HUGE incentive. For the first time in ...probably FOREVER...they are offering 2 - 60 % off on ANY item (or set) if you get a $150 order. PLUS you get $15 off and 15% off on anything else. How stinkin' cool is that? You may not see this 60% off (two at once) again for a long time...it's only for February shows. So, call your Pampered Chef demonstrator ASAP!

2. SuperValu in Paducah is having a 10 (items) for 10 (dollars) deal right now. By the way, SuperValu is a grocery store :)

3. You can now use kroger.com to check out their weekly ads! You can also save coupons to your card online, meaning no clipping! They'll be on there when you check out!

4. CVS.com is another great way to save money if you use your Extra Care Card. Check out the site for all the ways you can save money. There are people getting 30 bucks worth of stuff (and more!) for less than a few dollars!

5. If you live in W. KY, there is a great lady I know who is a Personal Chef. You can hire her for your large or smaller parties - she charges only $5 a head. That INCLUDES the food. And, her cooking it. How cool is that? Oh yeh, that $5 is for an entire meal - meat, veggie, bread, dessert! (If you would like her contact info, please email me for it)

6. Pay only $4 for a $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate by typing in the cod "EXTRA".

7. There's a new service where you can send out cards. With a couple of clicks with your mouse, you are done! Sen Out Cards uses YOUR handwriting and signature that you scan into the computer. The cards are $1 a piece and THEY will stuff it, stamp it, and send it for you. Postage INCLUDED! To get a FREE Send Out Cards.com Gift Account (which is 3 Greeting Cards and postage - no obligation or purchase required), go to www.sendoutcards.com/11217. Be sure to let them know that Ashley at www.firstimpressionsbaby.com sent you! Also, you can redeem your free gift account by calling Barbara Duran at (313) 300-1710 OR emailing her at barbduran@sendoutcards.com.

8. To get free coupons, check out the labels on your favorite foods. Often, they will have websites printed on them. Visit the website and email the company telling them how much you love their product and how much you'd love a coupon, or to sample a new product. Many times, they'll send it to you!

9. For a free recipe magazine, check out www.kraftfoodandfamily.com. Sign up and they'll send you one FREE every so often (I think it's every two months or something - I forget)...but they are always pretty good!

10. All stopped up and can't breathe? Try putting one drop of peppermint essential oil on the back of your hand and licking it. For adults only...or older kids. This WILL take your breath for a second. Think Altoids peppermint mints x 20. But...it will make your breath fresher AND clear out your sinuses pretty well...as well as help fight nasty colds.

11. I'm going to get a garden this year! I wanted to grow my own garden this year, but had decided not to because I'm not really one to play in the dirt EVERY DAY. The thought of having to makes me want to run away scared. But, the fresh veggies and fruit at a fraction of the cost was what made the idea pop into my head. That, and flowers. Mmm. BUT, my lovely neighbor has volunteered to help me not only prepare the ground and plant the garden...but she's also agreed to help take care of it. We'll use my land and it'll be *OUR* garden. How nice, huh? I'm super excited. So, there's my lesson...see if you and some neighbors can team up to have a "neighborhood garden", where everyone pitches in on cost and labor ...and everyone gets veggies and fruits from it!

12. For more coupons, go to www.couponmom.com.

13. Apparently... I rock. ;) ( I ran out of things I've learned this week that you would care about)


Sandy C. said...

What a fabulous list! Thank you for all of those wonderful links :) The coupon mom rocks! I interviewed her last year, and she is full of good stuff. I love Send out cards too :)

I'll take your word for #10 ;)
Happy Thursday!

Kim said...

$5 a head and she cooks the meals and brings the food!! Awesome deal.

Happy TT!!


suchsimplepleasures said...

that is an awesome list!!!
and...if you want me to be your clothing designer...sure! i'd love to but, you'll have to wear a lot of fleece because, that...at this point...is the only this i know how to sew with!!

Lara Angelina said...

hey, thanks for all that info! I will definitely check some of that out! happy TT!