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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bumbo Seats. Recall.

There are two well known seats on the market, both claiming to help babies learn to sit faster (or at least allowing them to enjoy sitting before they are able to hold themselves up). The Bumbo and BebePod have been a favorite among parents.

Until recently.

A little while back, Bumbo did a voluntary recall. In today's world, the term "recall" sparks panic in the minds of parents. Lead in the paint. Chemical Burns. Toxins. Unsafe. But, with Bumbo, that wasn't the case at all. The recall was actually to replace the sticker on the back of the seat. The sticker contained a warning - to parents, that they should not put their child in a Bumbo seat (or any other seat) on a counter-top or other high surface alone. Common sense, right? - Apparently not so much. So, basically...some kids fall and Bumbo decides to do a voluntary recall.

What does it mean for you?: Bumbo printed up some new stickers. The stickers are bigger and bolder. The actual bumbo seats? Nothing has changed - they were never UNSAFE. So, you can continue to use your old Bumbo Seats. In fact, Bumbo sent the new stickers out to retailers with the instructions to add the new stickers.


Sandy C. said...

Oh no! I had no idea. Thanks for posting this. I know these are popular..

Tara R. said...

I have always wondered why anyone needs to be told common sense instructions... I guess there are enough people who have to be told everything, that even "duh" instructions are needed. Thanks for the info.

3XMom said...

This recall SOOO pissed me off. Stupid people who couldn't read the first warning (and somehow couldn't figure out that it would be dangerous to leave your kid on a high surface in one of these) won't read the bigger one either. I LOVE my bumbo.

Happy bloghoppin',
three martini mommy

suchsimplepleasures said...

it's up...i screwed up and pressed publish by mistake...but, the post is up now!!
how's the night going?

Nissa said...

That's good to know! It's so true- we freak out as parents when we hear 'recall' and wonder what our kids have been exposed to! There have been so many recalls, it's hard to keep up, let alone find out "why" they were recalled!

Merqury said...

soooo cute

Joeprah said...

I love that bumbo video...ready set bumbo. Thanks for the info!

Jonathan said...

Um... it's still NOT SAFE. Even if you are *smart* and only put it on the floor, do you want your baby to fall backwards, HEAD FIRST, from a height of even one foot, onto the (possibly hard)floor? That happened to my 4 month old baby today. I will never use the seat again, and will warn anyone I know as well.