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Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm famous, ya'll!

Okay... so, not really. But, Mary Thorsby did do a great little write up on me and a few of my current endeavors, so please do take a look at her blog.

And, if you want to leave some snazzy comments about...oh, how much you love me, I wouldn't be mad. May stalk you with cupcakes and flowers...but no, I won't be mad.

Speaking of Mary, if you live in the area (Western KY or surrounding areas), you really do need to check out her website, http://ilistpaducah.com. It's a GREAT resource for all of the local events and happenings. Want to find something to do with the kids? Check here. Want to do something without the kids? Check here. Regardless...Check here.


Mary Thorsby said...

Rock on, Mz. Ashley, and congratulations on a most-excellent blog! We at ilistpaducah.com wish you much success and look forward to helping you promote your great work! xooxxomary

Kim said...

That is so exciting Ashley!! Congrats on the awesome write up!! I am so happy for you!


Sandy C. said...

Congratulations! It looks wonderful and I love the write up :)