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Friday, February 8, 2008

GIVEAWAY!!! Just in time for Valentine's...(Braincandy)

Thankfully, baby L doesn't veg out too much in front of the TV - she's quite the active one! However, when it comes to programs like Braincandy - neither of us can resist! She loves the characters and these educational DVDs can hold her attention longer than any other! I love that my daughter is learning and that these DVDs open up a whole new world for our "playtime".

Braincandy combines fun and education in a way that is appropriate for all ages. For babies, the sounds, pictures, and characters stimulate their brains as they are introduced to their 5 senses. For older children, all of these things PLUS the interactive of qualities of these videos (using questions and commands) engage them in a learning process that is both fun and easy.

These videos show real children doing real things (i.e., exploring their senses in a variety of ways) - making it easier for REAL children to relate - and learn.

Braincandy has offered to award one lucky reader a Bruce Brain handpuppet!
To enter, please visit their site and then leave us a comment telling us which product is your favorite and why (or which you think would be your favorite).

Also, just in time for Valentine's Day, Braincandy is having a special promotion! (Read more below!)

Braincandy Presents Sweet Valentine's Day Treats

This Valentine's Day, skip the chocolate and give your little thinker the gift of Braincandy DVDs, yummy treats that nourish the body and the brain; now through Valentine's Day, receive a free "Taste My World" DVD with any purchase at Braincandykids.com.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 4, 2008 -- What does every kid need for Valentine's Day? A big box of chocolates? Naaa. This year why not try a sweet delight that doesn't cause cavities. Award-winning early learning entertainment series, Braincandy, is a sugar-free snack that nourishes hungry little minds. From February 4 through Valentine's Day, order anything at www.braincandykids.com and receive a free "Braincandy, Taste My World" DVD. Think of it as an appetizer to the rest of the award-winning, "5 Senses" DVD series.

Created by a mom and dad of young twins, Braincandy takes an organic approach to learning that mimics the way a child naturally discovers the world -- inviting little ones to explore, experiment and play through an array of fun activities designed to engage the five senses. Guided by the bright, plush Super Sense Gang and led by the always charming Bruce Brain, kids are exposed to vivid real life scenes that are designed to encourage them to dance, sing and explore their environment. Real world sensory treats like dipping little fingers into a bowl of sticky honey or tasting cold snow on the tongue are brought to life on screen and off. Enjoy the DVDs as a 40-minute video or in smaller segments; solo, or as an interactive parent and child experience.

Braincandy is also a great gift for mommies and daddies who need a little bit of downtime and want to give their children fun, enriching content to engage them from the tops of their heads down to their tingling toes. Valentine's Day is a day for love and love is exactly what moms and their babies are feeling about Braincandy!

About Braincandy
Braincandy is an award-winning children's products company offering enriching, entertaining DVDs and music CDs, plush, apparel and will soon be expanding into books, toys and more. Backed by pediatricians, children's media experts and parents everywhere, Braincandy products are designed to help very young children learn to think more creatively through exploration, experimentation, and play. Braincandy products are currently available at Borders, specialty retail stores, children's museums and science centers, major online retailers and on-demand from Comcast cable. Braincandy is distributed by Rhino Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group. Kari Moe Straley 415-215-6423.


Jenna said...

Cool puppet! I think the "Hear Your World" DVD sounds great.

Lesha said...

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Mommy Bits said...

Very cool but the brain kind of freaks me out... Don't get me wrong, my boys would love it. I'm just sqeemish!

Happy Blog Hopping,
Anastasia Beaverhousin

Danielle said...

"See my World" dvd looks great!
dansan826 at yahoo.com

Mama Zen said...

Actually, I love the Braincandy toddler jersey. It's just really cute!

Andrea said...

I actually like the puppet the best. The 5 senses DVD's sound neat too though.

Uniquely Yours said...

I think the 5 senses DVD series sounds great. Please enter me in your contest.

jbubolz-miller said...

music and sound exploration cd

holly K said...

I love the puppet! I would like any DVDs, but I think the sound CD would be nice! cookiecutter72 AT hotmail DOT com

Guardwife said...

I like the "Smell the World". Is there a "nose" puppet.

Jose said...

I like the hand puppet. I think is more dynamic and calls the baby´s attention easily.

Bruce Brain is creepy for my taste, but maybe babies find it funny.