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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tasty Tuesdays

Monday, I generally announce winners for giveaways...
Wednesdays are "Works for Me Wednesdays"...
Thursdays, I do Thursday 13
and then, Saturday, I will begin Scrolling Saturdays.

So, I figured I needed something new for Tuesdays.

Introducing: Tasty Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, I will post a favorite recipe. One that I've actually tried and gets two thumbs up. I'm inviting anyone with a blog to link to me and add their link to the Mr. Linky's (must go DIRECTLY to your Tasty Tuesday post), and I'll get a button and all that made (however, if any of you wish to participate and would like to make one...or a few...I'd be much obliged, as well ;) ).

1 comment:

Princess Di said...

What a great idea, Ashley! Your blog is definitely one of the ones I come to often for some fun stuff. Now you are adding recipes? Oh my. lol Good stuff! :)