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Friday, February 22, 2008

Our Safety Pick of 2008

It's unfortunate that when it comes to childproofing your home, you are often forced to choose between safety and style. Until now, that is. Summer Infant has a BRAND NEW infant gate. Its iron, stylish, and absolutely lovely.

A few of my favorite things about this gate:
- It's a walk-through! I can easily open the gate with one hand, yet it's sturdy so Baby L can't open it.
- It's iron! To me, plastic just looks ...cheap. You work so hard on making your house look nice, and a plastic gate just cheapens all of the work you've done!
- The dark color. It's beautiful and I haven't yet found a wall color that doesn't go with it!
- It goes with any decor style. The small arch adds a touch of elegance, yet it remains simple in design.

Simply, it's my favorite.


Hazel said...

hi, nice to meet u. have a nice day

Sandy C. said...

That is a very cute! I wish that was available when my daughter was younger. We have another step, walk through gate that is white and prison like. The arch would match perfect in our place.