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Saturday, February 9, 2008

What do men know?

Last night, on the way home from town, John Tesh came on the radio with his oh-so-helpful hints (on random topics - it's basically supposed to help us be the best we can be). Anyways, the middle aged man (or is he older?) continues on to talk about health. Women's health. Yeh, like he would know. Okay, so I'm sort of sore at him (can you tell?) I digress...

He makes this statement: You are on the right track (health-wise) if you can still fit into your high school prom dress.


Since HS, my boobs have gotten bigger, my butt has gotten bigger, and I'm somehow shaped a little differently. I can't even explain it, because I don't know. But, what I do know is that I can no longer fit into my size 0 prom dress. Yes, yes...I know...they don't make size 0s. It was a size 2 that had been drastically altered. But, it doesn't fit....not that I want the sequined mess on me anyhow.

So, dearest John...while most of your advice and "tips" make a lot of sense...this one, not so much. In fact, I'd love to see how well you could fit into a size you wore in HS, AFTER you have had babies and gone through any changes life handed you.

I know women's bodies and their changes are incredibly different from a man's.... but, to be honest...I don't know many men that look the same as they did in high school (and for some of them, that's a good thing).

So, ladies...despite what Mr. Tesh thinks (ignore him), being able to fit into your highschool prom dress doesn't necessarily reflect your health or beauty. Measure your health by how happy you are, how good you feel, and then things like BMI and ability to walk up and down stairs without thinking you are going to pass out - not by the sequined or taffeta in the back of your closet. Sometimes, it's best to just leave those things there, anyways.


Sandy C. said...

OMG! What. a. moron! Was he referring to girls in their freshman year of college?! Many men and women are not even done growing and developing yet in high school.

I'm with you. I wanna see if he can squeeze his toosh into his high school gym uniform ;)

suchsimplepleasures said...

what a stupid dumb moronic...man! after 3 babies, i weigh the same (well, a couple pounds more...but, not much) as high school. yet, i wear a smaller size! and...my butt is bigger. my boobs are same-ish...droopier, though...and, my prom dress is too big! but...still...it's like saying a man should still have the same numbers of hair on their head as they did! or something like that!
anyway...YOU'RE A SIZE 0!!! i don't like you, not a single bit!

Tara R. said...

I'm 45! and he thinks I can still fit into something I wore when I was 17? Jerk. I'd like to see him squeeze into my prom dress.

KIDZMAMA said...

Here, here! You are so right. I can't imagine any man out there, including John Tesh, who has the same amount of hair on his head that he had in high school.

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Kathryn said...

WTH?? I think John Tesh needs a smack down. Girls in high school are just that. GIRLS. We are women. Women who have had BABIES. Hello???
In high school I struggled to gain weight. I was way too skinny. I am perfectly happy with the weight I am at now. I think I look better than I did in high school. At least I have boobs now.
So there!
Freaking John Tesh.