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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Pretty Posh Princess - To squeak or not to squeak...

You've heard of light up shoes (and have probably worn them). But, have you heard of squeaky shoes?

Pretty Posh Princess has a line of said squeaky shoes called squeakeez by Aleja LAkroy. Located in each adorable shoe's heel is a squeaker, so when the princess walks, everyone will know she's walking - that, or the dog found them. No, but really...these shoes would be great to encourage beginner walkers - they can make noise AND learn a new skill? How cool for them!

And, there is more good news! I know the continuous sound of uninterrupted squeaking sounds awesome, but JUST IN CASE you have one of "those moments", the squeaker can be removed - leaving behind a still-fully-functional shoe...well, two.

So, to squeak or not to squeak....either way, these shoes can do both.

You know you want them...


MondaythroughSunday said...

Too cute!!

Holly Miller said...

My daughter has at least 10 pairs of these...seriously. I love these shoes. They are cute, comfortable, and the squeaking helps me keep track of her with my ears. No sneaking away from mom when these shoes are on!

These shoes are very easy to take on and off. That's a plus on busy mornings before work!