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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Last week, I gave you a HUGE list of things that work for me :) So, just in case you missed this one in all the hub-bub, I wanted to mention it again:

One (or two) drops of peppermint oil on your tongue when you feel like you are getting the cold or flu. Just a little warning? It will take your breath away for just a few seconds. It's even stronger than altoids! So, be prepared for that. But, it will most definitely clear out your sinuses and help your throat. Don't give to small children or babies.

The next tip is to use Young Living's brand of therapeutic grade essential oils. Trust me when I say that the aromatherapy stuff won't be as strong. It's diluted, and not meant to be swallowed.

When my husband and daughter both came down with the flu, peppermint EO is the ONLY thing I changed about what I was doing. Usually, I'm the first one to get things, and it turns into something nasty quick with me. But, I've held out so far! Plus, it cleared out hubby's sinuses for a night - meaning no snoring so I could actually sleep!

Oh yeh...and don't forget to keep your hands washed and away. from. your. face.


Kim said...

I need to write this stuff down.. thanks for the tips!!! Now I just need to try them.. :)


Guardwife said...

I sure am glad you haven't gotten this nasty mess. Maybe we can all get better and get together soon. I miss you guys. (And not just baby L) :-)

Kathryn said...

I have never heard that one before either! Thanks!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i wish i knew of these tips a few days ago...i have a mean cold, right now!!
how are you?

Jose said...

Nice tip! Taking note.

suchsimplepleasures said...

they aren't really old...really old is black and white with singing and dancing...the movies i like, they are kinda old!!

Nissa said...

Great tip! I'd never heard of that. I usually do an aromatherapy steam with peppermint & eucalytus oils, but that sounds easy. Do you just do it once? Or once every day?..

Sandy C. said...

I'll keep that in mind. I feel like i'm on the verge of a cold/flu on a weekly basis...thank you :)

PufferfishMommy said...

Man I wish I would have known this last week. My whole family was sick. We did do a lot of herbal stuff which helped so much, though.

Hope you guys stay well!


CableGirl said...

Peppermint oil. check. I'll be picking some up next time I hit the store. Hubby is always on the verge of getting sick.

hop hop hoppin...