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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

This week, I'm going to tell you a few of my FAVORITE places to shop...ONLINE! :)

Here we go:

My store: Whether I need something new for Lorelei or something for an upcoming birthday party or baby shower, I buy from my store. What can I say? I love my taste. Ha!

Athleta: I love their comfy clothing. And, I love that it's made for the active lifestyle. I'm not feeling too active at the moment (it's before noon and COLD outside ;) )...but just wait til the weather warms up!

UncommonGoods: You wanna know what I hate more than Walmart? Giving gifts from Walmart. They seem so...impersonal. If Walmart has it, you can pretty much bet so does half the population by default. (I only like Walmart for things I need fast and cheap...and even then, I wish our small town had more options.)

RedEnvelope: Wonderful place to find more "classy" gifts. And, still unique!

VistaPrint: The place I go for inexpensive stationery, business cards, and whatever else I fancy.

Etsy: One of my FAVORITES. I love going here to find new things to fall in love with and to continuously build my "wish list". :) Great for all things homemade ...they've got EVERYTHING!

...And then of course all of those links to the left. They have some wonderful things! (check them out!)

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